Important Pump Notice

Please read the latest update regarding your Flocare® Infinity™ II enteral feeding pump

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Thank you for choosing to use our Nutricia Flocare Infinity feeding pump. To start your tube feeding
journey, learn more at Living with Tube feeding.

To practice using the pump, please use the Flocare Infinity Simulator.

Always read the labels and follow the instructions for use of the pump and enteral giving sets.

Please note the contacts on this page are for Australia. For any queries for New Zealand Pumps, please contact us on +64 800 222 430 (Toll free) or email

Returning Your Pump

Once you have completed your tube feeding journey, we ask that you contact us so that we can collect your loaned pump. We will collect the pump for free.

We will clean and service this medical device. Then we can provide it to the next patient starting their tube feeding journey.

We are urgently appealing to all Nutricia Flocare Infinity pump users to return any unwanted feeding pump(s) so the next patient can continue their journey.

We service and reuse our pumps back into the community and it is vital you return your pump after use.

To organise a free pump return, please call us on 1800 060 051 opt 5** or email

Loan pumps

To access the Terms & Conditions for loan pumps click here.


You will have received an Instructions For Use manual with your pump. Read the manual before using the pump. It contains information about the alarms, safety features and a problem solver chart.

For common troubleshooting for Nutricia flocare Infinity II pump please click here. The digital downloadable Instructions For Use are also available here.

For common troubleshooting for Nutricia flocare Infinity+ pump please click here.

To speak to one of our qualified Nurses, please call Nurse Connect on 1300 557 397* 7am-9pm  weekdays and 9am-5pm weekends and public holidays.

During Afterhours our Pump phone lines are diverted to our nurses to assist with any urgent troubleshooting or urgent pump replacement arrangements

Faults and Servicing

If a pump develops a fault please contact us on 1800 060 051* (option 5) Monday to Friday 9am-5pm (AEST) excluding public holidays or email

We recommend the pump is inspected at a service centre every 2 years, as indicated by a sticker on the right-hand side of the pump. Please call 1800 060 051* (option 5) Monday to Friday 9am-5pm (AEST)  excluding public holidays or email

For any charger, pole clamp or door queries, please call 1800 060 051* (option 5) Monday to Friday 9am-5pm (AEST) excluding public holidays or email

When calling, please ensure you have your pump’s serial number ready. The serial number is on the left side above the charging port. The serial number will start with SN, followed by 8 numbers.


If you wish to purchase an additional pump, please email for a quote. Or call 1800 889 480.

Click here for Terms and conditions for purchasing a pump.



We would love to hear your thoughts. Please send us your feedback by email to:

*Nurse Connect hours:
Mon – Fri 7am – 9pm AEST
Weekends and Public Holidays 9am – 5pm AEST
**Nutricia Pump and Retrieval hours:
Mon – Fri 9am – 5pm AEST
Weekends and Public Holiday – Closed


How do I return a pump?

After you contact us, we will post you a prepaid satchel with instructions as to how to pack and
return your pump..

I don’t have the charger and pole clamp or the pump box to return.

If you do not have the charger, pole clamp or the box, you can return the pump on its own.

I’m not sure if I will need the pump in the future. Can I keep the pump until I’m sure?

If you will need the pump within the next month, then please keep it. If you will not need it for
more than one month, please return the pump to Nutricia so that it can be used by someone
who urgently needs it. Contact us if you need another pump in the future.

My pumps is overdue for it service. Can I still use it?

If your pump is working with no problems, you can continue using it until you receive the
replacement pump. Please call Nutricia on 1800 060 051 (opt 5) to organise the service of your

My pump’s battery charge is not lasting long or as long as it used to.

A new and fully charged battery should last for 24 hours at 125mL per hour. For higher or lower  feeding rates the battery life will differ accordingly. The lithium-ion battery performance will degrade with age, extreme temperatures, and number of charging cycles. During the 2-yearly service, the battery performance will be checked.

If the pump displays errors, follow the Problem Solver Chart located in the Instructions For Use
document that came with the pump.

If the pump displays the error BATT and remains working, then connect the charger to the pump and mains power and charge the pump for approx. 6 hours. During charging the pump can be used for feeding.

If the pump displays the error ER99, then turn the pump “off”, make sure the pump door is closed and switch the pump back “on”. If the error persists, please contact Nutricia for a replacement pump.

If you notice that the battery must be charged more than usual or a significant decline in battery capacity, then please contact Nutricia to have it serviced.

We recommend that, wherever possible, you should plug the pump into the mains power during feeding. Fully charge the battery before operating it in a mobile situation

How long does it take to receive a replacement pump?

The timeframe is 2-3 business days for metro regions, however regional locations may take an additional 1 to 2 days. The pump will be delivered by DHL or a partner courier. Due to its high value, it cannot be left unattended. If you have an urgent need then please contact your local hospital.

There is constant OCC in and OCC out error with the pump.

These errors are caused by occlusions (blockages) in the tubing. Follow the Problem Solver Chart located in the Instructions For Use document that came with the pump:

• Stop the alarm by pressing the “START/STOP” key.
• Remove the feeding set out of the pump and check the permeability by flushing the line.
• Re-insert the feeding set in the pump and restart.
• Clean the sensors, reinsert the feeding set in the pump and restart the pump

There is a crack on my pump door.

If the crack is only in the door, then the door can be replaced. You can easily remove the door and attach the replacement door to the hinge. Until the replacement door arrives, you can use a rubber band to keep the door shut. We can send you a replacement door if you contact us on 1800 060 051* (option 5) Mon-Fri 9am-5pm AEST, or email

If there is a crack in the pump housing, contact Nutricia immediately on 1800 060 051* (option 5)  Mon-Fri 9am-5pm AEST, or email

Always handle the pump with care to prevent damage. Always inspect the pump carefully before use. Do not use the pump if it is damaged. If the pump is dropped, please contact Nutricia to arrange an inspection.

The pump isn’t charging.

Usually this is due to a fault in the AC adapter charger. Check that there is a green light on the AC adapter when plugged into the wall and switched on. There is a latch on the charger head that lets you open the charger. Once the charger is open, simply blow in the exposed area which will remove dust. Put the charger head back together again and this should fix the charger. If the charger is still not working, please call Nutricia pumps to get a replacement. Add other reason/s when the charger is not faulty.

Online Troubleshooting and Frequently Asked Questions

View the online troubleshooter and FAQs at This site also has a digital copy of the Instructions For Use manual for the Flocare Infinity pump. The manual used in Australia and New Zealand is the one labelled for UK Export.

When and how do I have my pump serviced?

Check the expected service date on the sticker located on the right side of the pump. Please contact us. We will send you a replacement pump to use. You will pack your pump in the prepaid satchel and send it to the service centre.