Can I register myself as a HEN patient?

No. Registrations can onlybe completed by your Healthcare Professional.

When will my first delivery be received?

Once registration is received, you will be contacted by Nutricia at Home Customer Service within one or two working days to place your first monthly order. Expected delivery will be advised when the order is taken.

Will the Nutricia at Home Customer Service contact me to take subsequent orders?

No. You will need to call Nutricia at Home Customer Service on 1800 884 367 to place subsequent orders. Please place your order at least 7-10 business days before you are due to run out of nutritional products or feeding lines. This will allow enough time for delivery.

How do I place an order?

You are able to place an order for your nutritional feeds and/or feeding lines by calling customer service on 1800 884 367. The products will then be sent directly to your nominated address.

What do I need to order?

Your dietitian will have given you a copy of your registration that lists the nutritional products and/or equipment you will need to order from Nutricia each month.

Can I order products other than those listed on my registration?

No. Orders may only be placed for products as listed on the registration form.

Does the delivery address have to be my home?

No. If it is more convenient to have the products delivered to an alternative address, please advise Nutricia at Home Customer Service on 1800 884 367.

Can the delivery address be to a PO Box?

No. We are not able to deliver to a post office box. Your order will be delivered by courier and can only be delivered to a street address.

Can the delivery address be changed

Yes, by contacting Nutricia atHome Customer Service on 1800 884 367

What happens if I am not at home when the delivery arrives?

This is not a problem. If you think you may not be at home, please advise your healthcare professional when you are registered on the program of where the products may be left, e.g. in the garage, by the back door, etc. The nominated place must not have exposure to sunlight. Alternatively please advise the Nutricia at Home Customer Service on 1800 884 367.

Can deliveries be made to country areas?

Nutricia can deliver anywhere in Australia. Please allow 5-7 business days depending on location.

Who do I call if products arrive damaged?

Nutricia at Home Customer Service on 1800 884 367.

Who do I call if I have a query or a problem regarding my enteral feeding at home?

Nutricia employs Clinical Nurse Educators who specialize in Enteral Nutrition. Contact the Nutricia Clinical Care Line on 1800 060 051 for the contact details of the Clinical Nurse in your state. You can also speak with your Dietitian / Healthcare Professional.